Sound Current Rider
My journeys to the other planets began years ago when I
awoke one night in the soul body to find an
olive-complexioned, Asian-looking monk in a tan robe
standing in my bedroom.  He asked me to come with him
and then vanished into a hole in the ceiling.   Leaving my
physical body behind, I followed and saw him flying up
what looked like a fluorescent tube or tunnel.  About
midway up the tunnel gravity seemed to reverse and we
dropped down onto the starlit surface of an alien planet.   
When I uttered surprise at how bright the stars were, my
guide explained that the planet was Mars and that the
brightness was due to its very thin atmosphere.
We were standing in  a desert landscape
with arid plains in the foreground and
dark mountain ranges in the distance. The
monk pointed across the rock-strewn
plain where hooded figures in brown or
tan robes were being chased by soldiers
in jeep-like vehicles.  The robed monks
appeared to be heavily outnumbered and
outgunned.  Many were shot and killed by
their pursuers, while only a few made it to
safety in the mountains.  My guide
informed me that the monks were
freedom fighters struggling against the
tyranny of the ruling class.
This was my first visit to another planet, an experience I later used in “Warriors of the
Sound Current”
to introduce the protagonist, Jeff, to his mission.  I had no idea I was
going to write a novel at the time of the experience, but sometime thereafter I was
overcome by an irrepressible curiosity about the Sound Current and the other planets
of the solar system.  I set myself the spiritual goals to hear the sound of each plane
and to Soul project to each of the planets.  
To initiate my travels to the planets I most often
used what I call the “Body Dropping” technique
coupled with the “Many Friends” technique.  The
first exercise involves visualizing that I am
dropping each of my lower bodies – the physical,
astral, causal, and mental bodies.  I see them
sinking below me as I soar upwards through each
realm tinged with its predominant color – green for
the physical, red-pink for the astral, copper-orange
for the causal, and blue for the mental plane.  
After that there is a brief moment of traversing a dark barrier-like area, which is the
unconscious or etheric plane separating the lower planes from the soul plane.
On the soul plane I find myself in a formless, swirling
body of brilliant light in soft surroundings of white,
cream, and gold.  Everything seems to hum with the
flute music of the Sound Current.  I then direct my
attention back to earth.  The clouds part and I see
myself in orbit above the blue and white planet.  I am
now in a bright body that looks much like my physical
body, only it is more beautiful.  It is the body Soul takes
on while traveling in the lower worlds.  
In my case I usually appear to be wearing a white
suit, although I’ve seen other out of the body
travelers wear different garments that reflect
their individuality as Soul.  

From my position in orbit, I send out a telepathic
call to all my friends – Souls on the surface
below who might want to assist me.  Soon I
behold many Soul forms ascending rapidly from
below and gathering in a great swarm around
me.  When all who want to come are present, we
begin chanting the word HU, which is a powerful
mantra to connect us to the Sound Current.  With
the power of the HU behind and within us, we
accelerate out into space to our destination.  
If you're wondering if the various people who come to help me with my spiritual
journey during this exercise actually remember the experience after returning to their
physical bodies, my guess would be: probably not.  Soul can exist and act in many
places at once simply by awakening Its awareness there.  However, what these
fragments of consciousness perceive and do isn't always known to our human
personalities.  Nevertheless, these experiences are real, and Soul knows what has
happened and where It has been.
Several readers of this website have asked
me about the moon and why I don't have a
page on it.  One commented that the Vedas
talk about a civilization existing on the moon
that is the highest in the solar system.

For my part, I have been to the moon in the
soul body on several occasions and have
never found any signs of life there.  It was
just as airless and barren for me as it was
for the Apollo astronauts when they
physically set foot on it.
In his writings I recall Paul Twitchell notes somewhere that the moon was once
inhabited and that its population and atmosphere were wiped out during an
interplanetary war a long time ago.  I haven't put in the effort to go back that far in time
to prove this to myself, but I find it reasonable that the moon may once have been
inhabited and that many of its craters could be caused by massive bombs rather than
meteors.  Other moons in the solar system I believe are inhabited, in particular the
larger moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

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