During my first try to reach the planet Uranus I
was turned back.  The guardians or entities who
sent me away were invisible to me but I got the
clear message that I wasn't welcome here.  
Their message was reinforced by a curious
sense of dread and foreboding while I was in
orbit.  Yet a few weeks later I tried again,
undeterred in my quest to visit all the planets in
the solar system. This time, however, I
remembered to send a mental request in
advance, asking for permission to visit Uranus.  
To my delight I received confirmation that a visa
had been granted.  Again I approached the
planet, and again, strangely, the feelings of
dread and warning came over me, growing
stronger as I got closer.
Descending through gray clouds
to the planet’s surface, I saw the
land was covered in snow.  The
sky was uniformly overcast,
creating a kind of twilight in
which the sun looked feeble and
pale.  It was very still and cold.  In
the distance, I could see the
lights of a small village twinkling
in the half-gloom, so I decided to
make my way over to it.  As I flew
along in the soul body, I noticed
many animals prowling the
forests, mainly wolf-like predators and larger, dark-furred beasts I'd never seen
before.  Their swift hunt for prey and fierce growls somehow added to the pervasive
sense of menace that lay over the landscape like a dark cloak.
The village consisted of primitive
huts crouched on a hillside,
crudely built of logs, their roofs
laden with snow.  On an impulse I
approached the first cabin and
tried to make contact with the
inhabitants. The person who came
to the door was able to see me,
which at the time didn't strike me
as unusual, but he was wary of me
and not very communicative.  
After several moments of silently
seizing me up, he motioned for
me to go away and closed the
Abandoning my attempt at
contact, I took off and flew south
around the curve of the planet,
curious to see if Uranus was
entirely snow-covered.
 After a
while, the snow fields gave way
to endless, flat marshes.  
Farther south, the marshes
turned into desolate swamps.   
Nowhere did I encounter
cultivated farmland or even
attractive landscapes.
Dwellings of people were few and far between.  What inhabitants I saw lived in
primitive circumstances in the wilderness.  The sky was gray everywhere.  

It seemed to me then that the planet was gripped in some kind of ice age, and that
whatever civilization it might once have possessed had regressed back to a
prehistoric state.  Maybe this happens periodically to planets - technology runs amok
or psychic powers spin out of control, and civilization is leveled, allowing the
inhabitants to start over again.  Perhaps the feelings of dread and foreboding came
from the remnants of a powerful psychic energy field that was created around Uranus
during the cataclysm.  I don't know; I'm only guessing since that information wasn't
furnished to me.
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