The sun
Getting to the sun was the hardest by far.  It took me a
full six months of relentless pursuit before I was
allowed to go there.  Often I would take off from earth
orbit towards the sun, only to be stopped somewhere
along the way.  I’d hover there, perhaps two or three
million miles distant, staring wistfully at my goal, held
back by an invisible barrier.   At long last my
persistence was rewarded and I was inwardly told by
my master to ask for a “Regulator” named Evoyne; he
was to be my guide.  I chanted Evoyne’s name as I
once again accelerated toward the solar system’s star
which shone like a beacon in the black well of space.
When I reached the outer boundary of its corona I was met by a tall, silver-haired
gentleman surrounded by an aura of throbbing power.  My guide, Evoyne, nodded
benignly, conveying to me an almost overwhelming sense of saintliness. “Come with
me,” he said.

We continued on into the sheets of brilliant light cast by the white-hot star.  As on
Saturn only more intense, I repeatedly had to ratchet up the filters of my soul body to
avoid being blinded and burned by the concentrated light.  Eventually we neared the
surface of the star, stretching below us like an endless flaming sea, seething with fire
storms and erupting in frequent thermonuclear explosions that flung white-hot matter
hundreds of thousands of miles into space.
The sun
I was vaguely disappointed by the sight.  In my fantasies I had imagined that at some
unthinkably high vibratory level the vast surface of the sun was inhabited by billions of
advanced souls living in magnificent splendor – sort of like on Saturn, only far greater.  
But nothing lived in the roiling inferno below; nothing could possibly survive there.
The sun with earth as comparison
The “Regulator,” sensing my mood,
waved a glowing hand. “We Regulators
don’t live on the sun – we live
in it.  And
there are a lot fewer of us than you
might think – no more than a thousand
at any given time.”
A thousand? I envisioned the enormous
mass of the sun - 99.8% of the solar
system - and the inconceivable amount
of energy pouring forth from it every
second.  It was hard to believe all of it
was regulated by a mere thousand souls.
In awe I followed my guide as we dove
below the surface of the sphere and
inward towards the sun’s core.
With protective filters in place, the raging interior of the solar system’s furnace
appeared to me as nothing more than a yellow-orange mist, flowing about me in mighty
but harmless currents.  Reaching out with my consciousness, I sensed the presence of
the other Regulators, working at stations scattered throughout the volume of the star.  
What came as a slight shock – but shouldn’t have – was the revelation of their utter
greatness. Given the magnitude of the responsibilities these exalted beings carried,
each of them was a spiritual giant, as far above me as I was above an insect crawling on
the ground.  
The sun
Evoyne halted and turned towards me. “What we
do here is regulate the flow and transfer of Divine
Spirit from the higher planes to the physical world.  
The sun acts as transformer of the spiritual energy
down to the vibratory levels where it can sustain
life on the physical plane.  It also serves as filter
for the impure energy that returns from the lower
worlds, cleansing it as it flows back to the spiritual
realm.  It is a constant cycle – a vast, fluctuating
cycle that varies based on the needs of Spirit and
the souls living in the sun’s sphere of influence.  
We Regulators serve as agents of Divine Spirit,
ensuring that the flow remains in balance and stays
within the parameters that allow life to exist in the
I regarded Evoyne, understanding now that the Regulator
had assumed his grandfatherly appearance for my benefit.  I
asked, “Is that what those eruptions are about? The sun
spots, solar storms, and all that? To balance the flow?”

“To some extent, yes,” answered Evoyne. “However, there
is another purpose.  As you know, in the lower worlds of
duality the Divine Spirit splits into two forces – the positive
and the negative, the constructive and destructive, light
and darkness, life and death.  Both are necessary to life as
it is experienced in the lower worlds, and both must exist in
the correct mixture to produce the conditions of reality as
established by the Creator for each of the worlds.  Because
in the physical world there is a predominance of the
negative power, one of our responsibilities is to balance
the dark force and keep it from overwhelming Spirit and
extinguishing all life here.”
Struck by a sudden insight I asked, “Does that
have anything to do with the black holes?”
The Regulator smiled his approval at the
observation. “Contrary to popular belief on your
planet, black holes do not swallow light due to
the pull of gravity from a collapsed star at its
center.  Black holes are the conduits of the
negative force, the sources of darkness just as
the stars are the sources of light.  Darkness is
not merely the absence of light – it is a force in
its own right, a force that counteracts light and
attenuates it with distance, just like cold
counteracts heat.  It is the companion force of
light and life in the lower worlds, growing
stronger at the lower vibratory matrix levels in  
inverse proportion to the weakening of the power of light.  Because of its
preponderance on the physical level, darkness automatically fills any space from which
light is blocked.  The opposite becomes true in the higher worlds of duality, such as the
mental plane, where light fills all thought from which darkness is blocked.”

“And the dark force, too, has its own cycle?”

“Correct.  The negative force also flows back to its origin, which is the point where the
Divine Spirit splits into two parts.  Black holes have their own Regulators, which act as
agents of the Kal, or negative force.  Their responsibility is similar to ours, but with the
opposite effect.”
The sun
Evoyne paused as if to let the concepts he had
discussed sink in.  Captivated, I waited, hoping
to hear more.  After a moment, the entity in the
form of a silver-haired old man spoke again.
“Both forces, darkness and light, death and life,
cold and heat, are based on the Sound. Nothing
can exist without the Sound.  The only difference
between the forces is the frequency rate of the
sound that sustains them.  Black holes emit
sound at the lowest end of the frequency band,
while stars emanate the highest sound possible
at the physical level.  Their mingling produces a
continuum of existence within each plane, which
is why planets and planes are inhabited at
different vibratory levels.  Vibration is reality – and reality is Soul’s perception at a
particular level of vibration.  Freedom comes from the ability to move between levels of
vibration – the ability to break free from entrapment in a single band of perception.  The
best way to achieve this is by surrendering to Divine Spirit, the force returning to the
pure worlds of God.  Practice the spiritual exercises of the Path of Light and Sound and
listen to the Divine Sound.  It will bring you home to God!”

The Regulator’s face lit up with a kindly smile. “That is all.  May the blessings be!”
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