Warriors of the Sound Current:  Synopsis
Trained by ancient masters from an early age in the
spiritual powers of sound, music, and vibration, Jeff
lives a fairly ordinary life on earth while
experiencing fantastic adventures during his
travels in the spirit body.  One day he is assigned
the mission to spiritually aid and protect the
Oandassou brotherhood on Mars, an organization
of fighters struggling for freedom and dignity
against the overwhelming military might of the
ruling Warrior class.
In the course of his assignment Jeff teams up
with Michelle Seymour, a gifted healer and  
student on the Path of Light and Sound, and  
with Metis Salmacis, an adept and musician
from Venus.  Under the guidance of spiritual
masters they employ their growing spiritual
skills to assist the forces of liberty on Mars
and Venus.  If they fail in their attempt to
thwart the aim of renegade scientists on both
planets to develop ever more deadly sonic
weapons, the political tensions could very
well lead to an interplanetary war.
At the same time, Jeff and Michelle are
forced to embark on a dangerous parallel
journey on earth to elude assassins hired
by a criminal convicted on the basis of
Jeff's testimony.   Their road trip leads
them across the United States from
Louisiana to Nevada, during which they
constantly have to juggle their
responsibilities in the spiritual realm
against the demands of eluding and
fending off their earthly pursuers.  
On the way they learn much about the other planets, spiritual guidance, the higher
planes of existence, the nature of divine love, and about the Sound Current, the force
at the heart of all life.
Publish America, LLLP   ISBN: 1-4137-8116-0   522 pages
Learn more about the spiritual worlds in "Warriors of the
Sound Current."
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