Ever since I can remember, I've heard this high
pitched sound in my head.  It's kind of like the
keening made by high voltage electrical wires or
when an old TV is switched off.  I knew this sound
wasn't caused by blood flowing through my ear drums
because it didn't vary with my pulse or any other
physical function.  I could hear it loud and clear
anytime I put my attention on it; in fact, it was so
natural that as a child I thought everybody heard it.  
(And probably a great many people do.)
As a youth I thought it was simply the sound made by the basic energy of life.  
Listening to it was somehow comforting to me, and I couldn't imagine living without it.  

When I started on the path of Light and Sound, I learned this sound is part of the
Sound Current, the Divine Life Force or Spirit.   It is an aspect of the force emanating
from the Creator that sustains all life in the universes and is visible as Light and
audible as Sound.  Since I had always connected the sound I heard with the basic
energy of life, the concept of the Sound Current was very easy for me to accept.

What was new for me was that there are many other sounds that make up the Sound
Current.  This is because the spiritual energy of the Divine Life Force vibrates at
different frequencies on the various planes of existence, which generates a distinct
sound for each level or plane.  Paul Twitchell describes the individual sounds of the
Sound Current in his book
"The Spiritual Notebook."

My first experience with a sound other than the high keening came soon after I joined
the path.  Sitting in contemplation in my bedroom, I began to hear a continuous rolling
thunder, as if a jetliner had decided to hover over my house.   This went on for
several minutes.  I wasn't too worried because I knew from Twitchell's book that the
sound of thunder corresponds to the physical plane consciousness; I could rest
assured no Boing 747 was going to fall through my roof.
Sometime after that I was lying in bed
in a kind of half-sleep when I suddenly
experienced a numbing, vibrating
sensation throughout my body.  Then
a sound began to swell in my head,
growing louder and louder until it
crashed and howled and whistled and
drummed as if I were in a hurricane.  
Each time when it grew so loud that I
thought I couldn't stand it anymore, it
eased off, only to erupt into another
crescendo a minute or two later.
It was a little frightening, but because it always eased off before I was overwhelmed I
figured I was never going to get more of it than I could handle.  (Which has proved to
be true throughout my years on the path of Light and Sound.)  
Several months after the storm experience I was again
sitting in my spiritual exercise when I heard the distinct
sound of many church bells ringing.  It seemed to come
from a vast area, as if many churches throughout the
country were all ringing their bells at once.  The mingled
sounds wafted to where I sat, setting my body to vibrate
at the same frequency.  A few minutes later a brilliant
white light appeared above me; it descended rapidly and
then completely engulfed me.

That's as far as the experience went, but it confirmed for
me not only that the Light and Sound are aspects of the
same force, but also that this force can be used to lift my
consciousness into other planes.  Bells, or the whoosh
of ocean surf, represent levels within the
astral plane.   
Although I hadn't actually seen any images of the astral plane, I knew the Sound had
shifted my consciousness to that level.  What's the point of that, you might ask, if I didn't
really see where I went?  My answer to that would be that I believe just hearing the
Sound has an effect on the development of my consciousness.  In addition, the
particular Sound I'm hearing tells me where I am in my spiritual awareness and which
plane I'm on.  Oftentimes it would happen that after one or more strong experiences
with a Sound I'd have an amazing soul projection on the corresponding plane.  It's as if
the Sound had prepared or opened my consciousness to perceive at that level.  This is
why I believe the Sound is so important to anyone wishing to travel out of the body.
Another time I heard a large orchestra playing what sounded
like a symphony by Anton Bruckner or Gustav Mahler.  This
type of music I think would come from the higher regions of
astral plane.  I listened to it for about 15 minutes, until my
concentration faltered and it faded out.  Afterward I wished I
could return there and listen to more of it, but I was never able
to.  The experience taught me that music exists first in the
inner worlds before it is written, or manifested, in the physical.
Among the other lower world Sounds listed by Paul Twitchell is
the "buzzing of bees."  It corresponds to the
etheric plane.  I
once heard this Sound as the whine of toy airplanes con
uously swooping over me; in another exercise I thought a fly
was circling my head.  Each time I got annoyed and felt like
grabbing them before I realized they were not physical sounds.
This can happen with the Sounds of the lower worlds: they can become so strong that
the person doing a spiritual exercise believes they are physical sounds in the same
room or next door.   Some of the other Sounds in the lower worlds are the tinkle of
small bells (
causal plane) and the gurgle of water running in a creek bed (mental
plane).  In the higher worlds the Sounds are more subtle and much quieter, to the point
where the mind could easily dismiss them as not real.  Descriptions of the Sounds of
the higher planes are given on the
soul plane page, followed by the higher worlds
page and the
God plane page.

All these Sounds are part of the same force, the creative life current that flows from
the creator into the worlds of existence and then back to its source.  It is this
returning, or uplifting, aspect of Spirit, rather than the manifesting aspect, that allows
us to rise through higher and higher states of consciousness towards the God state.  
Our task, if we are interested in traveling out of the body, is to practice the spiritual
exercises that help us raise our vibrations and connect us to the Sound Current.  Some
soul projection techniques are given on the
soul projection, other planes,  and visited
planets pages.
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