It took me several weeks of persistent
spiritual exercises to visit Saturn.  Sometimes
I got as far as the rings, only to be turned
backagain.  Eventually I was given the
knowledge that Saturn was a very exclusive
world existing on an exceedingly high
vibratory level.  One could not be admitted to
it unless one had the appropriate visa, even
as a disembodied traveler, as strange as that
may sound.  My next spiritual exercise
naturally included a mentally transmitted
request for a tourist visa to Saturn.  
When I arrived in orbit around the
planet a short time later, I was escorted
by Saturnian guardians in soul form
through the rings to an asteroid that
had a gray “customs” building on it.  
While traversing the floating rock and
ice fields of the rings I picked up the
knowledge that some of this was debris
from moons that had been shot to
pieces in past space wars.
After “cooling my heels” for some time
in customs on the asteroid, a guide
came from the surface to let me know
my visa had been granted.  Together we
rose through the ceiling of the building
and headed towards the vast curve of
the ringed planet.
As we approached the atmosphere, the first thing
I noticed was how intense the light was on
Saturn.  I was blinded by its white brilliance and
continually had to turn up my soul “filters” to be
able to see through the glare.  As we descended
closer to the ground I managed to fully adjust at
last and observed that the sky was deep blue and
the sun was much larger than I had anticipated.  
Later I asked myself how this could be in an orbit
so much farther out than earth's; according to
our space probes the sun should have been a
mere pinhead.  My theory on that is that at higher
frequency matrix levels light not only travels faster but also shines with greater
intensity.  Hence, the very light of the sun is dimmed by the frequency level at which
we view it from earth, while it is considerably brightened by the much higher
vibrational level of life on Saturn.

Jupiter, Saturn at its life bearing frequency level is not a gas giant but a big, solid
planet.  It has a crisp, clean atmosphere, and despite the planet’s size, gravity feels to
its inhabitants no different than earth’s does to us.  This is what I encountered in my
visits to all the planets: the sensation of gravity at each planet’s inhabited level and
the body shapes of the population appear pretty much the same, as if by adjusting to
the planet’s vibratory frequency human bodies take on the ability to function normally
in its gravity.
Saturn itself took my breath
away.  Most of what I observed
was wilderness of incredible
grandeur.  Stupendous mountain
ranges, lush river valleys,
gorgeous waterfalls, and
immense forests covered the
land.  The oceans were blue and
vast.  The cities I saw were made
of round, golden towers built
densely and high, as if to take up
as little ground space as
possible.  My guide imparted the
knowledge that the golden
towers were actually bio-
engineered living organisms
The Saturnians themselves flew
everywhere they went, using small
anti-gravity packs strapped to their
backs.  As we approached one of the
cities I could see them joyfully
gliding along, garbed in clothing of
many different styles and colors.  The
people I later encountered in the
hoijar city were mostly
light-skinned, with sandy-brown hair.  
What struck me most about them was
how open and friendly they were, and
how hard they worked to keep their
planet in its pristine condition.  I
could tell they really loved their
From my guide I learned that the planet was officially known as “Intilare," and that its
inhabitants possessed technology far beyond my understanding -- specializing in bio-
engineering and mental/astral energy devices.  In addition, the Intilarians had long
ago mastered the frequency modulation technology necessary for successful space
travel, as had the inhabitants of
Jupiter.  Long-time rivals for supremacy, these two
societies were the only ones in our system with physical space travel capabilities at
this time.  The history between these two titans was littered with interplanetary wars,
which accounted for several of the blasted moons around Saturn as well as a good
portion of the poisonous wastelands on Jupiter.

Yet it was my impression that Saturn as a whole had a higher state of consciousness
and greater spiritual awareness than Jupiter.  To me it was without a doubt the planet
with the highest vibration and the most advanced people I had visited in the solar
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called hoijar.  They were designed to radiate happiness and well-being to all people in
and around them.  When I noted that there were no roads or other visible means of
transportation on the surface below, I was given to understand that the cities
produced everything the inhabitants required on the spot, eliminating the need for
shipping cargo.  
Sound Current Rider