Pluto wasn't the bleak, inhospitable place I
expected it to be.  In fact, visiting the formerly
ninth planet was fun.  I traveled there without
problems or obstacles.  As I approached from
space in the soul body, I noticed Pluto had a
coppery-greenish hue, unlike the steel gray
seen on the picture here.  

Pluto is a tiny planetoid, approximately one fifth
the size of our moon, so it is not surprising that
it was recently reclassified as a dwarf planet.  
Charon, the largest of Pluto's three moons, is
nearly as big as Pluto itself, which has led some
scientists to consider it a binary dwarf planet
Once in orbit I observed that the sunlight reaching Pluto's surface was relatively faint,
but that the sun wasn't the mere pinpoint star it would be at that distance on earth’s
inhabited frequency level.  There was enough light to make a difference between day
and night.
When I landed I discovered Pluto
had no visible atmosphere and that it
was inhabited by a crystalline life
form.  The crystals shone green and
grew like pine trees in a forest.  As I
walked among them they tele-
pathically gave off tinkling sounds
like small harps or bells.  Apparently
this was how they communicated.  
They came across to me as very
friendly and happy to see me.  I
stayed with them awhile and
conversed with them through
wordless sounds and emotions,
much as one might speak to highly
intelligent pets or dolphins.
As I rose to return to earth they transmitted their feelings of love to me and asked me
to come back again.  I had the distinct impression they were lonely.  As crystal life
forms in a star system populated by warm-blooded, bipedal oxygen breathers, they
seemed to feel out of place.  Maybe there is something to the theory that Pluto was
rogue planet caught by the sun's gravity field.

I did go back a few times to visit the crystal beings, and each time the gentle creatures
were a pleasure to be around.
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