In his writings Paul Twitchell describes
two divisions in the planes of reality.  The
divisions are generally called the lower
worlds and the higher worlds.  The lower
worlds are the realms of expression and
manifestation.  They are characterized by
the occurrence of matter and duality,
where everything exists in relation to its

In contrast, the higher worlds are not
defined by duality, matter, and mani-
festation.  Everything there exists as
spiritual potential that could be mani-
fested but isn't.   Another way to say it is
that things just are.  They don't exist in
relationship to anything else or for any
reason - they simply exist.  They are pure
Spirit energy.  Needless to say, it is very
difficult to describe the higher worlds in
words, which themselves belong to the
lower worlds.
The lower worlds are comprised of four major
planes: The physical, astral, causal, and mental
world.  We as individuals exist simultaneously on
all these planes.  Just as we have a physical body,
we have a corresponding astral (emotional) body,
a causal (memory) body, and a mental (thought)
body.   (Substitute "causal" for "environmental" in
this picture.)

These worlds exist within us as the microcosm of
our bodies, and outside us as the macrocosm of
the planes of reality.  More details on the lower
planes can be found on the
astral plane, causal
plane, and mental plane pages.
The higher worlds begin with the soul plane
and ascend through various spiritual states
to the God plane, also known as the Ocean
of Love and Mercy.  More details on the
higher planes can be found on the
plane, higher planes, and God plane pages.  

As our true self, we eternally exist as Soul
on the soul plane, yet in the human state we
inhabit the bodies of the lower worlds listed
above.  In the human consciousness we are
mostly unaware of the other planes because
we identify very strongly with the physical
body and its world, to the point that we
believe it is the only reality.  However, since
we exist on all planes in our corresponding
bodies, all we have to do is awaken our
senses there to experience them.
How do we do this?  We could separate our other bodies from the physical body and
travel around in them, such as in astral projection.  However, this can be a somewhat
dangerous process because it can have unforeseen adverse effects on the physical
body.  Fortunately we don't have to go through this.  As Soul we can perceive directly
in each plane, as long as our spiritual senses are awakened.  
There are many exercises listed in the spiritual literature to
develop our spiritual senses, so I won't go into all of them.  
Suffice it to say that one method would be to sit in a comfortable
position with our hands in our lap, as seen in the picture here.   
It is not necessary to be cross-legged; we can sit on a chair.  
The main thing is that we are relaxed and the environment is
quiet.  Then we close our eyes and place our attention on the
Spiritual Eye, the inner screen between the eyebrows.  To
connect with Divine Spirit and raise our consciousness to the
level of Soul, we can chant the word HU or another charged
word out loud for a few minutes, then silently to ourselves.
As a result, we may begin to see a light  
on our inner screen.  Or we might hear a
sound, or both.   A spiritual journey or a
meeting with a master may happen just
by contemplating like this, but for the
most part my experience has been that I
need to do more.  Specifically, I need to
use my creative imagination.  If I imagine
a place I want to go very vividly and
concentrate on it without wavering,
eventually I might find myself there in the
soul body because I have contacted the
actual place via my imagination.  The trick
then is to stop imagining and let the
experience take over.  I know when the
actual experience has taken over
because then I experience things that are
new, things that I have never seen or
known before.  
Often in a spiritual exercise, moving  
my awareness from one plane to
another involves the symbolism of a
tunnel.  The picture here is a
remarkably accurate representation of
an experience I once had when I was
following my spiritual guide in the soul
body through a tunnel to another plane.
The water running down the steps
symbolized Spirit flowing down from
the worlds above.  It made a rushing,
crashing sound so loud it was almost
frightening.  Yet I was without fear and
very joyful, for I had absolute
confidence in the guidance and
protection of my spiritual master.  After
quite a long climb, we emerged into a
higher world where the ambient light
was very bright and it looked like the
water was draining down into a giant
A whirlpool is another symbol I have encountered several times in the other planes.  It
made me realize that everything we see in the physical world is really a representation
of something that exists in the worlds above it.  As the old saying goes, "as above, so
below."  That is why things in the other worlds often look familiar or very similar to
things we see in our world, even though the laws governing those worlds are different
from ours.  

Because of this similarity, I have been able to use physical photographs in my
descriptions of the other planes on the following pages.  However,  keep in mind the
photos are only approximations or reflections of these planes, not a true picture of the
actual appearance of these realms as I experienced them.  

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