The God plane has sometimes been described as the Ocean of Love and Mercy.  
Initially, this designation led me to believe that God actually
was the Ocean of Love
and Mercy -- a vast, luminous celestial sea brimming with love, goodwill, forgiveness,
and kindness.  I assumed my spiritual goal was to reach it and dwell there forever in a
state of blissful God awareness.  However, as almost always seems to happen with
anything in the higher worlds, my mental assumption was partially accurate and at the
same time widely off the mark.
  What began to broaden my outlook was an early
experience I had in pursuit of my goal to reach
the God plane.  The master and I were traveling
through the inner worlds, rising as sparks of
consciousness through subtle realms of light,
power, and sound.  We arrived at a plane made
up of trillions and trillions of other sparks, all
moving in harmony and exuding the sound of the
HU.  Seen together this mass of bright souls
indeed looked like an ocean in dazzling sunlight,
yet at that point I realized the image was meant
to represent not God but a particular state of
One day in my spiritual exercise, after asking again to be
taken to the God plane, my third eye opened a crack to
give me a view into space.  It was black and filled with
stars and moons.  I exited through the opening and
crossed the field of stars until it turned into a liquid that
bubbled with white and red spheres like blood cells in
circulation.  After drifting upward through the liquid for  
some time, I thrust through the surface and found myself
floating in a vast ocean with the master at my side.

At first it looked somewhat overcast, but then I saw a
strong light in the sky above.  It grew larger as I focused
on it; however, when I tried to lift off towards it, I
Stop resisting, the master told me.  Obediently I
The light above me grew into an enormous disk
filling most of the sky from horizon to horizon.  It
was a warm, hazy yellow and orange.  While I
gazed at it, rapt, it unexpectedly spoke to me --
not in words but in a communication of direct

"My son . . . " it said.

With this communication a wave of love swept
over me such as I'd never known.  It was like
The sun isn't the only visual symbol I've
encountered on the God plane. One time I was
flying over a landscape of plains and white-capped
mountains in the higher worlds, when suddenly I
entered a golden realm where three mountains
reared high into a golden sky.  The entire realm
was pervaded by a glacial serenity yet at the same
time contained a roiling, dynamic power that struck
me with awe.  Through it all it was as if I was there
as an observer, insulated from its true power.
Maybe otherwise I'd have been burned to a crisp.  The whole experience seemed to
last only a couple of minutes, but when I checked my watch afterward, a whole hour
had gone by.  What immediately came to me was that the three mountains were the
symbol for the divine trinity.  In Christianity the trinity is more humanized by calling it
the (male) Father, the (male) Son, and the Holy Ghost. Above the worlds of duality
there is no male or female, so here the trinity would be termed as the Supreme Being
or Creator, the God-Conscious Soul, and Divine Spirit.  In contrast to Christian belief it
is my opinion that there isn't just one son but each of us can, and will, become the
second part of the trinity, the God-Conscious Soul.
Speaking of God-Consciousness, one insight I came
back with from the above experience was the
distinct impression that God-Consciousness is
immediate, permeating all existence.  It isn't far away
in an ocean or in a golden land that I have to travel
to.  It only seemed that way to me because I am so
far removed from it in my spiritual unfoldment.  What
I was apparently taught during the hour I didn't
remember was that God-Consciousness was right
here with me as I sat in my chair.  I could actually
feel it not an inch away from my skin, separated from
me only by a thin sheath of my own making.  All I had
to do was make this veil of illusion porous or
dissolve it and I'd be in the God-Realized state.  
Easier said than done, of course.  But the insight did change the way I looked at
myself and other people.  We're all walking around, I realized, living life an inch away
from God-Consciousness.
Several months later I was practicing a technique where I
visualized a golden stream of Spirit flowing down upon me from
above.  I felt myself sucked out of the body by it and shot up into
the sky, drenched with the golden current.  Earth dwindled
below me and I flew upwards through a field of clouds until I
emerged on the astral plane.  Looking down I could see houses
and people, and when I looked up I saw golden raindrops falling
toward me and through me.  I was a golden figure with my face
sticking out of the rain as I was pulled upward in the current like
on a celestial elevator.  

Onward I moved, through the lower worlds and then into form
less worlds inhabited only by souls who casually glanced up at
me as I rose past them.  Eventually I surfaced in an ocean of
  Closer and closer I came until I entered the golden
sphere which enveloped me like a loving mist.  After a
while, a voice spoke to me from the mist all around.  It
was muffled and I couldn't understand what it was
saying, at first, as if my spiritual hearing were too
undeveloped to make out the words.  Then after a
while I heard what sounded like, "A vast responsibility
is coming toward you -- faster than you think!"
I could see a v-shaped flood within the golden mist coming toward me, symbolizing
responsibility.  More words were spoken that I didn't catch.
Just as I was beginning to panic because I was missing the
message, a handsome young man appeared some distance away
surrounded by brilliant light.  (I saw him more clearly than the
shape seen here, but I couldn't find a better picture.)  He spoke in
a high, clear voice that I had no trouble understanding, as if the
mocked-up form allowed me to make a better connection.  

What was said between us I will not repeat, save to mention that
there was more about responsibility and about how all living
beings are children of God.  And how anyone who brought living beings closer to God
would receive their divine love in return.
 What I was being told, of course, is that
achieving a higher consciousness isn't an end in itself; it comes with a responsibility.  
The Creator wants all Its creations to rise to the level of mature souls aware of their
true relationship to It.  As any of them rise, it becomes their responsibility to assist
other souls in their journey as well.

Having said that, I wish to state here that I do not claim to be a spiritual master or
guide, or an accomplished spiritual traveler, or to be God-Realized, or to speak the
absolute truth, or anything like that by any stretch of the imagination.  I'm simply a
spiritual student who often struggles with his spiritual exercises.  Many days I sit there
and nothing seems to be happening, it's black, and I'm going nowhere at all.  

The truth is that I was allowed to have the experiences I describe as gifts from the
Inner Master and from several of the true masters who serve under him.  Without their
kindness and help I'd have nothing to say and nothing to write about.  My
accomplishment was finding the spiritual path of light and sound I'm on and
surrendering to Spirit and to the Inner Master who grants experiences as they're

The experiences I describe on this site are sufficiently far in the past that I can share
them without adverse effects on the spiritual growth and lessons I was to derive from
them.  Still, some might say I should keep them to myself and stay silent about them --
that it looks like I'm trying to set myself up as a pseudo-master or something.  If I were
more risk-averse and concerned about putting myself in the line of fire, I might even
agree with them.  But I'm a writer; that's what I do, for better or for worse.  My hope isn't
that readers will accept my experiences as the truth for themselves; only to perhaps
be inspired to try some spiritual techniques and to be creative and to endeavor to
have the experiences that will lead them to their own truth.

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consciousness.  It was my impression that it symbolized the state in which souls are
directly impacted by the love of God.  Nothing I could discern stood between these
souls and the purest emanation from God, the divine light and sound.

The ocean symbolism made me think of the other worlds -- the planes below the God
world -- as filters that mute and dilute Divine Spirit like ocean water diminishes
sunlight the deeper one goes.  All souls exist in the same ocean, yet those souls that
dwell near the top in the "direct impact zone" are completely aware of their
relationship with God and Spirit, while the other souls are less so, depending the
level of purity at which they partake of the light and sound.  

In subsequent experiences, there were numerous times where I would rise in the
company of a spiritual master through realms of increasing brightness until I broke
through and found myself on an ocean surface similar to the one depicted above.
the greatest, most tender love of a parent for their child.  At that moment of ecstasy,
peace, relief, and gratefulness, I knew I was truly a child of God.  It was an indelibly
memorable experience, yet it also begged the question: Does God really look like the
sun up in the sky?  Were the ancient civilizations that worshipped the sun more highly
developed than I thought?  Well, I came to the conclusion God does not look like the
sun.  The image was most likely only a symbol employed to form the human memory
of my experience.  My guess is that the sun is used as a symbol because it shines on
everything in all directions, giving light, life, and warmth equally to all without asking
for anything in return.  In that sense it is a reflection of God's attribute as the source
of Love or Spirit, the divine light and sound.  Maybe that's what the ancients were
thinking of when they worshipped the sun; it's hard to say.

can be said is that in reality there are no words or images to describe God.  Our
mind cannot encompass It, so we make do with these limited symbols.  For instance,
another symbol would be the image of parent and son.  The closest  facsimile I could
find to describe the love showered upon me was the love a parent has for their child.  
This love is not at the same level or to the same degree as the divine love God has
for us, but the unconditional love we give our children probably comes the closest.  
However, in my actual experience the love I received was so overwhelming it defied
words.  It changed my life.  It has stayed with me throughout the years, and it will stay
with me for the rest of my existence.
Sound Current Rider
relinquished the resistance I hadn't even known I'd had, letting it drain into the ocean.  
Then I was lifted out of the "water" and carried up towards the light like a little golden
figurine in an invisible, giant hand.
light.  I swam around in it for a while, basking in its ecstasy; then I hooked into the
Spirit stream again and soared upward toward a distant sphere in the sky.