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Spiritual teachers as well as physicists tell us that all creation is based on energy and
vibration.  Energies vibrating at certain compound frequencies, or at a certain matrix
level, constitute the universe we perceive with the senses of our physical body and
interpret in our brain.  

Energies, or matter (which is a form of energy) vibrating at
other compound
frequencies or matrix levels comprise other realities that we can’t perceive with our
physical senses.  These realities - or "parallel universes" - are simply beyond the
detection range of our physical senses and instruments which can only detect objects
existing at our own matrix level.  Hence, to us they are not real.

On the
The Grant Chronicles, a website dedicated to explaining the above in terms of
physics, an excerpt describes it as follows:

"In order to visualize what are parallel universes, you have to be introduced to new scales and
concepts. The Universe is basically 5 dimensions.  You are familiar with the first three axis of
ordinary space, x, y, and z.  The fourth is time. The fifth dimension involves vibrational
frequency. This frequency is super imposed on matter and energy at the sub atomic level. This
would be called its resonant frequency.  The fifth dimension has many different levels. In these
infinite levels, matter and energy exists in a natural state. What mankind does not know is that
matter and energy, and that which is the essence of life, exists at different vibrational
frequencies.  Each vibrational level is independent from each other, but occupy the same
space.  Atoms of different frequencies do not mix; they simply slide past each other.

"Our Universe is represented by the name density level 3. Now a new formula and concept has
to be introduced to help you understand. Density Constant =  [Time (measured in progression)]
* [speed of Light (C)]. Mankind is familiar with the density constant by another name, the
cosmological constant. For all levels in the fifth dimension, the density constant is the same,
but T and C vary in proportion. Meanwhile to an observer in any confined level in the fifth
dimension, light will travel its new rate of speed per standard unit of time."

(To read the full text of the above article as well as many others on related topics, you can visit

In short, the above says that matter vibrating at different density or frequency levels
is independent of one another while existing in the same space, and that the
molecules do not collide.  Also, the speed of light differs depending on what density
level it travels at (which has implications for space travel).
This explains why we are unable to see the
inhabitants of the other planets in the solar
system: life exists there on a frequency matrix
level where the planet can support it, but which
is different from our own.  The inhabitants of
Jupiter, for instance, occupy the same space on
Jupiter that we view in our telescopes, but we
nevertheless can't see them.  Likewise, to
Jovians earth's life forms and civilization are
just as invisible as they are to us.
On the website this phenomenon is described in the context of

"A resonant object, whether mechanical, acoustic, or electrical, has a natural frequency called
resonant frequency. It will be easy to vibrate at those frequencies, and more difficult to vibrate
at other frequencies. It will "pick out" its resonant frequency from a complex excitation, such as
an impulse or a wideband noise excitation. In effect, it is filtering out all frequencies other than
its resonance.

(For the complete article, go to

To me, this is another way of saying that we vibrate at our own resonant frequency
and filter out all frequencies that we don't resonate with, i.e. we do not perceive them.
Frequency matrix levels or vibrations
can be seen as forming a seamless
continuum of reality from the worlds of
the densest matter up to the highest  
worlds of pure Spirit.  Using soul
projection or awareness expansion, a
person can adapt to any frequency
matrix level and in the soul body
perceive, and to a certain degree
interact with, the reality there.  We all
do this, but most of us have no
conscious awareness of it because the
difference in vibrations between the
other worlds and our body makes it
difficult to form a memory of our travels.
Consequently, doing conscious soul projection involves not so much learning how to
travel in soul, but to increase our awareness and power of perception in soul so that
the impressions we get are strong enough to bring back as a physical memory.
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