Love was the spiritual principle I least understood when
I started on the path of light and sound.  I couldn't see
what love had to do with my desire to leave the physical
body and roam around in exotic and exciting places.  
Whether I had love in my life or not, whether I had a
girlfriend or a wife or children or not -- surely that had no
bearing on my ability to achieve soul projection?  Monks
dwelling in solitary caves in the mountains do it, to name
an extreme.  So while I had no problem with the idea that
soul projection required an emotional state free of
anger, sadness, bitterness, lust, attachment, greed, and
self pity -- for these things bound me more securely to
the human consciousness -- I couldn't quite understand
why I needed love for it.
As you know, of course, along the path I was to learn the difference between
emotional love and Divine Love.  Paul Twitchell writes that emotional love can be a
human expression of Divine Love, but it can also express itself in lust, attachment,
possessiveness, and other negative attributes that are antithetic to Divine Love.  Pure
Divine Love is an expression of the unlimited creativity and freedom of the
worlds, a gift from God, he says.

In the
lower worlds, Divine Love and human emotional love are often intermingled,
which initially made it difficult for me to distinguish between the two.  Fortunately,
there are masters in the inner worlds who work with spiritual students and teach them
in their dreams and during their soul projection experiences.  Below are some of my
experiences with spiritual masters in which I was taught about Divine Love.
One day in contemplation, I left my body
behind and went to the Golden Wisdom
Temple on the astral plane.  I entered its
gate and moved through hallways
thronged with people.  Passing full
classrooms on either side, I finally came
to a lecture hall not unlike the one in this
picture.  Many listeners had already
gathered here, sitting on the floor facing
a raised platform at the front of the hall.  
Several white steps led from the floor up
to the platform.
Almost immediately after I arrived, the spiritual master who is the guardian of the
astral plane temple entered and ascended the steps.  He was clad in a flowing saffron
robe and had shoulder-length blond hair, blue eyes, and a clean-shaven face.  Without
preamble, he began his lecture:  

"What is the Love of God?  The Love of God sustains all living beings.  It sustains all
life in the
spiritual worlds and all life in the lower worlds.  Yet It sustains life differently
in the higher worlds than in the lower ones.  In the worlds of Spirit, the Love of God is
pure and touches Soul directly as divine bliss.  It has the
Sound of the flute, a
thousand violins, or the pipes."  Here the master paused as he named each
instrument, briefly manifesting their respective sounds in the room.  Then he
continued, "In the lower worlds Divine Love is intermingled with the forces of the
mind, emotions, and matter -- like the double helix, twined around each other."

At this point, I took it upon myself to raise my hand and ask, "Master, how can we
distinguish the spiritual force from the forces of the mind and the emotions?"

The guardian replied, "You must listen.  You must separate the fine, subtle voice of
Soul from the coarser, more clamorous sounds of the lower worlds."

"How can we listen with the senses of Soul?"  I asked again.

"Go within!" the master said emphatically.  "Go to the Inner Temple and dwell in its
being.  Remember who you are!  Always act like a spiritual master in training, for this is
what all of you are.  Know that you are sustained by God's Love always!"

After that the scene began to fade, with the master remaining for a few seconds in my
spiritual vision as a shining figure surrounded by golden light.  My impression was
that the experience had ended so abruptly because that was all I could handle for the
moment.  What I learned from the master's words was that by going within and
listening to the Sound Current I might eventually be able to distinguish between
emotional love and Divine Love.  I decided to take this as a starting point, guessing
there had to be more to it than that.

In the course of my spiritual unfoldment I've often been to lectures like this: I arrive in
a room filled by a large audience just as the master appears and begins to speak -- as
if they had waited for me or
the whole talk were staged just for my benefit.  In some
ways I think this is true, yet Spirit works in such intricate and economical ways that I
believe every other Soul present in the room also feels that the event is staged just
for It.  
Several months after the above lecture, I
found myself in the company of a spiritual
master who took me in a small sailboat
across the sea.  After a while I could make
out a stone monastery with several towers
on the distant shore.  I was certain it was a
monastery because I knew the white-
robed master with me was the abbot of the
Katsupari monastery in Tibet.  As we
pulled up to the jetty and the master tied
up the boat, I looked down into the water
and saw a steep mountainside sloping
down into the valley far below.
The water was transparent like glass.  I wondered about that.  Was the ocean an
illusion conjured by the master?  Or was I in a supra-physical plane where the
Katsupari monastery was located on the shore of an ocean, instead of the actual
physical plane where it perched on a mountain in Tibet?  

I turned to the master and asked him why we had taken the slow boatride to get here,
when we could have just flown through the air.  The abbot looked at me with kindly
eyes above his long white beard.  "Sometimes a journey is not a journey,' he said
softly. "You . . . needed to be purified."

At the time, the concept of a spiritual journey not as part of traveling from one place to
another but as a purification process was new to me.  Later I was to conclude that the
ocean was indeed a symbol of purification rather than an actual place.  However, at
that moment I didn't get much time to reflect on this, for the guardian of the monastery
preceded me to a dark wooden door in the outer wall and stepped through it.
Inside was a stone stairway that led up
into one of the towers of the structure.  
At the top of the stairs we emerged into a
square room with open windows on all
sides.   We stood next to one of the
windows, looking out over the endless
sea that lay like a film over the

mountains beneath.  
"What is Love, Master," I impulsively
asked the great soul with me.
The white-haired sage looked into the
distance and replied, "Love is the vortex
that holds time and space together."
Quietly, he went on, "Love is the wind that produces change and the rain that fosters
growth.  Love is the mirror that shows you who you are.  Love is the spiritual fuel that
runs through your spiritual veins.  It propels you forward in your journey to God."

As he paused, I took the opportunity to ask, "What is God?"

"God is the origin and source of Love.  IT is at the center of existence, radiating ITs
Love outward to all creation."

To that I responded with another question.  "What, then, am I?"

The spiritual master turned his liquid gaze on me and smiled.  "You are an expression
of God's Love.  In turn, you express Love through your thoughts and feelings and
actions.  To the degree that your thoughts, feelings, and actions match the qualities of  
God's Love for you, you will move closer to IT."

The scene faded, leaving me with the master's words and the indelible memory of the
love that had suffused his eyes.  I understood now that Divine Love was the force that
brought me closer to God, and that soul projection journeys weren't meant simply for
adventure's sake, but to help me ultimately raise my consciousness toward my own
God-realized state.

Yet as a practical matter, I still hadn't learned how to bring Divine Love into my daily
life.  Progress on that front was made sometime later, during one of my visits to
Upon arrival at the Green Planet, I flew over its forests
and fields until I entered its capital city, Retz.  In the
center of the city lies a square that fronts the House of
Moksha, one of the Golden Wisdom Temples on the
physical plane.  A colorfully dressed crowd milled
around near the entrance door which resembled the
one in this picture, except that it is less ornate.   A
moment later the portals swung open to admit us.
Inside I beheld a large hall with a high ceiling supported by pillars, not unlike the nave
of a church.  I let myself be swept down the central aisle by the crowd and found a seat
in the front row.  Before me rose a chest-high platform or stage, with a simple armchair
placed in the middle.  Suddenly the guardian of the Golden Wisdom Temple appeared
in the chair, wearing a maroon robe.  His hair and beard were short and grey, his skin
deeply tanned.  He spoke a single word.


His voice was soft and sonorous, yet it easily penetrated into the farthest reaches of
the hall. Gradually, the audience fell silent and the spiritual master began his lecture.

“The Seven Tenets of Love are as follows:
    1. Selflessness.  Selflessness prevails when the lover seeks only to give with
    no thought of return.
    2. Devotion.  This is when the devotee keeps his eyes unwaveringly focused
    on the purpose and ideal toward which his Love is directed.
    3. Humility.  Humility is present when the individual realizes that the Love
    he has been given is a direct gift from God.
    4. Self-sacrifice.  Self-sacrifice occurs when the lover places the needs and
    wants of his loved one above his own at all times.
    5. Credibility.  Credibility is earned when one lives and shares each moment
    in truth with the utmost sincerity.
    6. Honesty.  Honesty is necessary to face one’s own weaknesses, so as not to
    project a false image to those you love.
    7. Respect.  The respect that true Love accords comes from the realization
    that each living being is of the same essence as God.”

Here the Master paused, and I understood he was giving members of the audience a
chance to pose questions. Not shy in grasping the opportunity, I asked, “Master, what
is the ideal and purpose that you speak of toward which Love should be directed?”

The guardian acknowledged the question with a nod and replied, “There is a higher
purpose to your Love, beyond the personal and individual interaction with your loved
ones. Your Love serves as the vehicle for the Divine and Universal Love that seeks to
touch the heart of many individuals who are ready for it.”

Soon thereafter the experience ended and I returned to my body to write down what I
had heard.  The Seven Tenets of Love made sense to me as the basis for bringing
Divine Love into my daily life, but I knew that to follow them at all times would be hard.  
Then again, nobody had ever promised me the spiritual path would be easy.

Further thought on the matter convinced me that the mission of each soul is to learn
how to love in the divine way -- thereby developing the godlike qualities latent within
each of us.  Our first step on the spiritual path is to accept and love ourselves as a
divine spark of consciousness within an imperfect human body and personality.  After
that we strive to love others as God's divine creations as well, including finding a
healthy balance between giving our partners and close loved ones warm, emotional
love and unconditional Divine Love.

Soul projection, when practiced under the guidance of a spiritual master, can lead to a
greater awareness of our divine selves and of God.   This greater awareness gives us
understanding, perspective, patience, and tolerance as we strive to practice Divine
Love towards all of God's creatures in our daily lives.
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