Sound Current Rider
From Chapter 28: Tari Niras' Seven Tenets of Love (Excerpt)
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. . . . he rose through the planes to the clear state where the view of Planet Earth
spread out majestically below.
To his surprise, Issham Bani awaited him here, radiant in her white dress. They
greeted each other joyfully, hugging and dancing in outer space – a place so cold and
forbidding to the physical body, yet so blissfully filled with Light and Sound for Soul. By
unspoken agreement, they clasped hands and directed their attention to Venus.
Behind them, unbidden but entirely welcome, assembled dozens and dozens of other
Path of Light and Sound couples, all focused towards the Northstar.
Together, they began chanting the name of its foremost Master of Light and Sound,
Tari Niras. The power of their combined chant began to move them forward,
accelerating them out into starlit blackness at an ever increasing rate. When they
finally arrived above the Green Planet, Shen Nu noted only a few couples were still
left, as usual. Alone, he and Issham Bani descended into the jade atmosphere, sailing
along above the cephamani trees until they caught sight of the fairy-tale city of Retz
across the plain. They entered its gleaming white and gold structures, quickly making
their way to the vast temple square where the customary crowd milled in colorful
Immediately upon their arrival, the huge portals of the House of Moksha were swung
open by the guards, admitting them without delay to the polished stone hall that
served as the temple’s foyer. From there the visitors glided onward into the vast,
pillared central chamber where rows upon rows of seats gently sloped down towards a
cloth-draped stage. Two seats in the front row had been held for them, demonstrating
to Shen Nu once again that the whole scene was undoubtedly staged for their benefit.
Nonetheless, he was certain it spiritually assisted all other souls in the audience as
well, based on the mysterious economy with which Divine Spirit did all things. The
moment the two spiritual students sat down, Tari Niras appeared in the armchair on
the dais, smoothing the folds of his maroon robe.
He looked up and said a single word. “Listen.”
It was spoken softly, yet his sonorous voice penetrated into the farthest reaches of the
hall. After the audience had gradually fallen silent, Tari Niras began his lecture.
“The Seven Tenets of Love are as follows:
"1. Selflessness. Selflessness prevails when the lover seeks only to give with
no thought of return.
"2. Devotion. This is when the devotee keeps his eyes unwaveringly focused
on the purpose and ideal toward which his Love is directed.
"3. Humility. Humility is present when the individual realizes that the Love
he has been given is a direct gift from God.
"4. Self-sacrifice. Self-sacrifice occurs when the lover places the needs and
wants of his loved one above his own at all times.
"5. Credibility. Credibility is earned when one lives and shares each moment
in truth with the utmost sincerity.
"6. Honesty. Honesty is necessary to face one’s own weaknesses, so as not to
project a false image to those you love.
"7. Respect. The respect that true Love accords comes from the realization
that each living being is of the same essence as God.”
Here the Master paused, and Shen understood he was giving members of the
audience a chance to pose questions . . . .