The causal plane is above the astral plane and contains what is known as the time
track.  The time track is another way of saying that this is the region where the energy
fields reside that represent our past and future experiences in the lower worlds.  
Whenever we consciously recall a past
experience, we are accessing the
energy field of that experience.  We call
it a memory.  Some experiences
generate stronger energy fields than
others, which is why we remember some
things better than others.  All energy
fields of the past experiences we can no
longer consciously recall still exist on
the causal plane; collectively we call
them the subconscious.  Instinct is
another word used for past experiences,
skills, or behaviors that we can access
without conscious recall.
Our future experiences also reside on the causal
plane; hence the name time track.  However, these
future experiences are only possibilities, not
certainties.  They are energy fields that would be
experienced if our state of consciousness remained
the same in the future as it is today, or if our
development continued in the exact same manner as
in the past.   If we change our state of consciousness
or the direction of our unfoldment, our future
experiences change also.   That's why it can be
misleading to "read the future," i.e., access the
potential future energy fields by clairvoyance or any
other method.  Our future will change whenever we,
the creator of the energy fields in our lives, change.
If we rely on a reading of the future that is based on our
current state of consciousness, we might find the reading
confirmed if we
haven't changed much by the time the
predicted events take place.  If we
have changed
significantly, we may be disappointed and regard the reader
as a charlatan, simply because he or she predicted a future
that no longer applies to us.  Personally, I think it's better to
pursue continual change.  If my aim is spiritual growth, how
else could it happen except by constantly changing my state
of consciousness?  Therefore, I've decided not to be too
concerned with the reading of my future.  Instead, I place my
future into the hands of the Inner Master as the agent of
Divine Spirit, for only Spirit knows what experiences are
best for my spiritual unfoldment as well as for the good of
the whole.
When we incarnate into a new body, our past life recall for the most part is wiped out
so that we can start with a somewhat fresh slate.   Since the energy fields of all our
past experiences still exist, though, we often find ourselves under the influence of
forces we can't explain in terms of our current life.  I've found it helpful in several
instances to go back on the time track to find out about a past life or past lives that
might be influencing events in this life.

Trying to understand the actual mechanism of the time track would overwhelm the
human mind.  Imagine the simultaneous existence of all the energy fields of all
experiences you've ever had or ever will have.  It would be highly confusing, to say
the least.  Therefore, my feeling is when we encounter the time track during a spiritual
experience, it is usually in a symbolic form that makes sense to us.
One symbolic way the time track appeared to
me was as a long wooden box about 2 feet
high, that stretched from horizon to horizon
on a coppery surface under an orange sky.  
(Orange or copper is the predominant color
on the causal plane.)  The box contained
thousands of wood-framed slides, each
representing a significant event in one of my
past or future lives.   With the help of the
Inner Master I have repeatedly been able to
move in the direction of the past and pull out
a relevant slide depicting the life I was
interested in.
Looking at the slide intently, I am eventually
drawn into the picture and begin
re-experiencing the actual event depicted.  
Often a certain amount of historical
information comes with the experience in the
form of a telepathic transmission.  With this
method I was able to determine that my
strong feelings about Egypt stemmed from a
life as an architect there about 3,000 years
ago.  I found myself walking past a
government building in Alexandria and
remembering that I had designed and built it.  
Another way the time track appeared to
me was as a long corridor hung with
pictures, like in a gallery.  Each picture
had a little plaque beneath it with a
caption about the life involved.  Diving
in the soul body into the picture had the
same effect as entering a slide - the
scene became real.  In this way I was
able to determine a life in Greece in a
house on a cliff where I once lived with
my wife and servants.  The experience
was confirmed by the person doing the
same exercise along with me, who had
been my wife back then.
A rather humorous incident happened to
me in 1972.  The Dalai Lama came to visit
the small Tibetan community in the town
where I grew up, so I decided to go see
him.  Back then, the Dalai Lama wasn't as
famous as he is now, which meant there
were only about 50 or 60 people there,
including the Tibetans.  We all crowded
into a small room to listen to the Dalai
Lama speak.  After his talk and a brief
meditation, we were allowed to file past
him to shake his hand.  Everyone in line
ahead of me and behind me shook his
hand and received a few words or a small
blessing.  But when my turn came, the
Dalai Lama shook my hand and began to
laugh.  He laughed and laughed and
couldn't stop himself.  Soon all the monks
of his entourage were laughing at me too.  
Too bewildered and shy to ask why the
holy man was laughing his head off at me, I
moved on.
For years afterward I wondered about that encounter.  Was I really that funny-looking?  
True, I wore long hair, a beard, and the hippie uniform while the Dalai Lama was in robes
and shaven-headed, but in those days all young folks looked like I did.  It couldn't have
been that, or else he would have laughed at a dozen other dudes too.  It had to be
something else; but what?
Thirty years later I told the story to a
friend, and she suggested I meet the Dalai
Lama on the time track and ask him about
it.  Smack!  Why didn't I think of that?  
Anyway, I made a telepathic appointment
with the Dalai Lama and met him in my
spiritual exercise at the box of slides on
the causal plane.  He walked about 20
steps into the past and pulled out a slide.  
I fell into it and found myself in Tibet in
the year 1775.  I was a maroon-robed
monk named Adlan Toh (or something
similar), very tall, with a head of bristly
black hair, studying under the Dalai Lama
of the time at the Potala Palace.  When I
came back and asked the current Dalai
Lama about the laughing incident, he
grinned and said, "Why, you looked so
different!"  Well, that was certainly true.
All the descriptions above seem to cover the subjective, or microcosmic, aspect of the
causal plane.  Those are the things that go on inside us.  How about the macrocosmic
aspect of the causal plane?  Are there landscapes and houses there?  Do people live
there as they do in the physical and astral planes?  
I believe they do.  One time, I had the
experience of ascending in a golden
column of light through all the planes to
the soul plane.  Looking out of the light at
the surroundings, I saw houses and
landscapes and cities on all lower planes,
including the causal and mental planes.  
The ones on the causal and mental planes
looked rather misty and ephemeral, not as
distinct as those on the astral plane.  It
made me think that just as the astral world
is far finer and less substantial than the
physical world, so are the causal and
mental worlds much finer and less
substantial than the astral plane.  This
could account for the wispy appearance of
the objects there.  
Having said that, the presence of Golden Wisdom Temples on the causal and mental
planes is evidence to me that the houses and landscapes on those planes appear solid
enough to the souls fully adjusted to their finer vibrations.
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